30 Days of Stories: Day 15

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re telling 30 stories of God’s faithfulness in and through Fellowship North. You can read all the stories here.

If you had asked the newly baptized young man (in most ways, still just a boy) in this photo what the future held for him, he would have been utterly clueless. The list of unknowns for this not yet twenty-year old was a long one… if he would marry and who, what his vocation would be, where he would live, what life generally would be like for him. How could he foresee all the twists and turns that would come his way? The people that he would have the privilege of befriending and loving? The struggles and the joys that would indelibly mark him? The way in which being a disciple of Christ would transform his hopes and dreams? He quite literally knew not-a-thing. All he knew was that he was taking a first step by responding in faith to Christ’s call to “come and follow.”Photo May 13, 11 00 19 PM

Of course, this isn’t just his story. It describes the condition in which so many find themselves when they show up at Fellowship North. We arrive and discover, often for the first time, the lavish love of God made known to us in Christ. For thirty years, we’ve been been a church that specializes in reaching out to the clueless. Perhaps not surprisingly, that journey has included discovering just how profoundly clueless all of us are. Those who have it all figured out don’t tend to make Fellowship North their home.

Lots has changed for me in the twenty years since I was pulled up from the watery grave (cleverly disguised as a YMCA swimming pool). I’ve ‘learned’ a lot. People look to me for leadership and guidance. I know God better than I did, and therefore, I know myself and others better as well. Nineteen year old me could never have dreamed of a more fulfilling life than the one I’ve graciously been given. Yet despite having grown up in the faith over the years, a couple things remain unchanged. I still don’t have a clue what the future holds; but I know that whatever lies ahead, it will most certainly involve our responding to Christ’s simple and abiding call to come and follow.


taidoToday’s story is by Taido Chino.

Taido is currently studying theology in Aberdeen, Scotland. In his own words: I enjoy the outdoors, biking, good coffee, good food and drink, books, people. In fact, the best days combine all of these things. Oh yeah, and traveling. And movies. Sort of dumb. Doesn’t everyone like movies? You can find Taido on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at his blog, Square Pegs.


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