Backstage: Tanja Jameson

Have you ever wondered about getting involved with the arts at FN? An opportunity is coming soon: lunch at Backstage after the 10:45 service on September 26. Backstage is a time for you to find out about all the arts ministries at FN and how you can be a part. Let us know you’re coming by emailing Donna Hall [dhall at fellowshipnorth dot net].

Tanja Jameson has been a part of the drama team for years (often playing memorably comic characters) and has recently begun to sing as a part of the worship team on Sundays. We asked Tanja to share what her experience has been like; here’s what she had to say:

I’m not sure I would call myself an “artist,” but over the years, my involvement has changed.  I’ve participated in some drama pieces, a few dance events and most recently, the Sunday morning worship team.

I love that in each of these spots, the people that I’ve gotten to know have been such a part of who I’ve become in Christ.  In every single arts event I’ve taken part in, I’ve learned something valuable, whether it’s about an individual or about my relationship with Christ. Whether it’s hours practicing on a longer drama piece like “Old Testament Rewind” or “Word on the Street”, where you REALLLLLLY get to know your fellow actors, or on Sunday morning right before church starts, listening to Dena pray for the service, every time leaves an imprint on my heart.

I also LOVE getting to do goofy stuff; it’s amazing some of the things we get to do!

If you are thinking about getting involved, I’d say – jump in.  Backstage is a fantastic opportunity to learn more, but don’t let it stop there.  Take the next step, even if it’s a baby one.  It only took me 10 years to join the worship team, so it’s pretty clear that all of my steps were baby ones (also because my legs are short), but still….even if you’re unsure, try something.  You have more gifts than you realize, God gave them to you, for use in His service.  It’s the way He created you!

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