Christmas Stories: Day 8

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This is my granddaughter, Stella. She is a busy 14 month old. She spent the day at G-ma and G-pa’s house yesterday. I was excited to be able to set up our nativity scene and talk to her about Baby Jesus and His birth.


The set is child friendly and she enjoyed walking by and picking up the pieces and I would talk about Baby Jesus and his mama and daddy each time she showed an interest. I am not sure how much she understood, but it was a sweet beginning for us to share together. Her camels barked and she stuck Baby Jesus in her mouth to kiss him…precious memories for this G-ma.



IMG_2400Today’s story is by Beth Weatherford.

Beth and her husband Sam are lifelong residents of North Little Rock, but have temporarily lived in Maumelle the last 7 years. They own a family business, River City Mechanical where they work with their sons, Reid and Brad. Beth enjoys going to estate auctions, finding bargains and new friends. She has a shop on ETSY and a couple of booths at a local flea market/antique mall.

She loves the small round table of women in her Bible study group at Fellowship North. I do not know what I would do without their support, love and prayers. One of her favorite things about FN is that there are no age distinctions. “I have friends of all ages and have been in studies alongside all ages.  It makes life much more interesting.”

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