cover to cover

If you’ve taken Taido up on his challenge to read through the Bible, you’ve made it most of the way through Genesis by now.  And maybe you are finding some of those Bible stories a little more strange than the ones you learned in Sunday School…

Taido shared some thoughts about our reading so far on his blog – here’s a sample:

It sort of seems like the writer of Genesis is going out of his or her way to say, “look at humanity at its most messed up, most broken, most depraved.”  This is the sort of stuff we would expect for soap operas, not God’s “chosen” people.  I find it interesting that the writer never says, “and they were very wicked” or “in doing this they sinned against the Lord.”

So what’s going on here? You can read the rest of his post here and see what he thinks.  What have you come away with so far?

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