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cover to cover – week 14

A little late posting this link – but Taido has been a little behind too. At least he’s seeing the bright side of catching up, though: One silver lining in having to do a ton of reading to catch up is that I’ve been able to cover 2 Samuel in about 2-3 sittings.  And what […]

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cover to cover – week 11

So – we finished up Judges this week.  And what might you find there if you were looking? Possibly not what you would expect… Yet, the one characteristics of God that gets most clearly highlighted in the midst of all this is his long-suffering.  His willingness to forgive and forgive and forgive. You can read […]

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cover to cover – week 8

Once again, Taido has posted his weekly thoughts on our current reading: As we’ve been spending some time in Deuteronomy this week, you may be thinking… “Didn’t we already cover this?  Why are we getting all the same stuff again?” Been wondering? Head on over and read the rest of his post to see what […]

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