Taido Chino

cover to cover – week 5

So what are you thinking about Leviticus so far?  Here’s a sample of what Taido’s thinking… Leviticus.  What’s to say? Weird. Seriously weird. Well, ok – he does have a little more to say about it than that…hop on over and read the rest here. (And hold on – we won’t be in Leviticus forever!)

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Relief for Haiti

Originally posted by Taido Chino on his blog, reposted here with permission. Not really knowing what to say about the tragedy taking place in Haiti, I’ve made the mistake of saying nothing. Part of my silence is born out of the recognition that anything I might say wouldn’t do justice to the magnitude of loss […]

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cover to cover

If you’ve taken Taido up on his challenge to read through the Bible, you’ve made it most of the way through Genesis by now.  And maybe you are finding some of those Bible stories a little more strange than the ones you learned in Sunday School… Taido shared some thoughts about our reading so far […]

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