Our Story

In 1984, a group of people were driving from North Little Rock to west Little Rock every Sunday to attend Fellowship Bible Church. Those people loved FBC but wanted a church in their own community. After prayer and planning, Fellowship North held our first worship service in the Northside YMCA, where we would meet for the next 7 years.

We knew we wanted to reach out to people who had given up on church. We wanted to be a church for everyone. Over the years, God has expanded our vision for what that means – and for who “everyone” is.

Fellowship North grew and became a place where the Bible is taught clearly (with lots of creativity and art) to adults and students in a casual and welcoming atmosphere. In 1991, we moved into our current building. A few years later, our then pastor, Craig Loibner, was deeply convicted about the church’s part in racial reconciliation. God used this conviction to begin to change our church family.

In 2006, Harold Nash joined our leadership team as a pastor. We began to change in response to God’s call to love across dividing lines of race. Each year, we learn more about what that means. God is growing us into a multi-ethnic, intergenerational church that pursues reconciliation with truth and love.

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