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An update on #7FN: Month 5 is Waste

A little background: In February a group of us started a 7 month challenge and so far we’ve completed 4 months: food, clothing, possessions, and media. June is waste month, and InĂ©s McBryde has some thoughts about trying to cut back in this area. She originally published this on her blog; we are using it […]

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Haven’t I seen that shirt before?

You may remember that back in January, we invited everyone along on a 7 month adventure. A good-sized group of women (and some men, too) joined in and finished the first month, which was all about food, in February. Everyone did it in different ways: some of us ate only 7 foods all month long, […]

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7: a challenge for 2013

Ever read a book that just…messes with you? Days, weeks, even months later, you still find yourself thinking about it? That has been my experience with a book I read late last summer. It’s by a woman named Jen Hatmaker, who lives in Austin, TX, where she runs a mission-based church with her husband, Brandon. […]

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