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Love, Sex, and Dating: LSDNOW

February, 1998.  What do you remember? 15-year-old Tara Lipinski skating her way to a Winter Olypmic Gold Medal over favorite Michelle Kwan?  Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer?  Good times, right there.  What about Celine Deon’s “My Heart Will Go On”?  Man…let’s just stop and sing that one for a minute.  “Near…far…wherever you are…” Okay.  I’m […]

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originally published by Taido Chino on his personal blog… Each summer, we take our middle school students for several days away from the comforts of home and civilization to something simply known as D-Camp.  The vision is simple enough…  spend several days challenging students in all sorts of ways.  They are pushed to overcome certain […]

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