The Songs of Christmas: Day 12

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O Holy Night

O Holy Night…now that is my favorite Christmas Carol. The stars were brightly shining on a holy night when our Savior was born. There were even angels’ voices. Can you imagine the celebration going on in heaven the night Christ was born? We humans here on earth cry, hug, give presents, and take pictures when a baby is born so I can imagine the party going on in heaven that night.

I grew up hearing this song; my dad sang it while walking around the house or hummed it (whichever was better depending on who was around). This was my grandmother’s favorite carol as well and she requested it to be sung at her funeral. So you see it is a family Christmas carol for sure.

It was also the first solo that I sang. Guess what? I practiced and practiced, alone and with the choir, and then two days before the service I got laryngitis. Now there was a back up singer…but she was sick as well! The choir director called for heavy prayers and I was able to sing. I felt that God has a sense of humor – as you know Baptists start practicing their Christmas music in September so just maybe that much falling on your knees and hearing angels singing was a little overkill and he needed me to be silent for a few days!

It doesn’t make a difference if Celine, Josh Grobin or Pavarotti sings the song it just sends goose bumps over me. I bet you’re humming it right now…..

Today’s story is by Vicky Kirchner, and here’s a link to her favorite Christmas song.

Vicky-2Vicky Kirchner has been married for 25 years to a wonderful man and has one son and two adult step children. She retired from Windstream 6 years ago and loves it – even though she’s busier now than ever! She came to Fellowship North not knowing a soul and sat on the 2nd row praying that she hadn’t taken someone’s spot. She fell in love with the music and has been here for 16 years. On Sundays, you can find her singing on the worship team or greeting people as they come to FN.

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