WORD on the street


Why are we learning the story?

What happens after we know it?

We get to be a part of it! We have the chance to become part of the big story God is telling, part of the redemptive WORD of God in our community.

Sunday, May 6, we’re becoming the WORD on the street.

Many of you were here a few years ago when we first did a Sunday like this.  Instead of coming to church, we wanted to BE the church.  We closed the doors of the Fellowship North building and went out into our community, serving in multiple ways.

We’re doing that again on May 6.  We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the WORD than to be the WORD on the street.

So what’s happening right now?

We are in the planning stages and need your help.

  • We need MANY projects, of all types, shapes, sizes, locations, and skills.
  • YOU are our best resource.  You live, work, and play in this community.
  • So here’s the question for YOU: Where can a group of people from Fellowship North make a difference in a day?

The best projects are the DIY’s [Design It Yourself] – ones where you have a connection and you know what needs to happen.

It might be a yard cleaning project for a neighbor; it might be an organization you work with that could use some help cleaning; it might be a school project we can lend a hand to. 

We are looking for projects that are large and small.

If you have an idea, please let us know.  You can email Meghan Griffith mgriffith@fellowshipnorth.net  or pick up a project card at the connecting point and return it there.

We are doing our planning in March and then everyone will be signing up for projects in April.  Mark your calendar now for Sunday, May 6: WORD on the street!


Need an idea of what it might look like? Here’s a video from a few years ago…

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