balancing act

posted by Sarabeth Jones

So – we’re two weeks in – and if you were at FN this morning you saw a little bit of this:

what's dogging your feet?

and some of this:

walking and talkingand don’t forget about this:

this is great, right?

I love the picture.  So clear.  Because it’s so easy for me to forget what I really want out of my life.  Not crawling, not hanging on to what seems safe, but something amazing.  And amazing is never going to happen with out the risk,  the stepping into the unknown, again and again, getting more sure each time.

So – which picture did you most identify with?  For me, I think it’s the middle.  I’m hesitant to say that because I don’t want to imply that I think I’m ‘past’ the other two, that I’m up and walking.  That’s not it at all; it just seems like where I am right now, each step seems new and wobbly, constantly surprising.  My husband is suddenly traveling a lot for work.  My oldest child is in middle school.  There are 3 new people on my team at work, and we are learning to create together… I feel like God is challenging my old assumptions, shaking me up so that I can see things His way, fresh and new.  I am afraid of falling off the beam.  Sometimes I jerk and flail in surprise, trying to hang on.

What about you?

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