by the numbers

posted by Sarabeth Jones

Just want to make sure you caught what Jen was saying Sunday morning (in case you were having a coffee break, or reading the program, or texting your…oh, wait a minute, you would never text during church, right?).  Anyway, she threw some numbers out:

  • About 75 people help out each week, every week, 9 months of the year, taking care of our nursery – 5th graders.
  • For 3 months (June, July, August) – those folks get a break.
  • We need 40 people each Sunday to cover all those leaders and provide our kids a safe, fun place to connect with God.
  • 40 people x Sunday summers = about 500 volunteers needed this summer.
  • About 500 people are about how many are in the room any Sunday morning.

Jen then reminded us how important kids were to Jesus.  Which in turn, reminded me that quite often, God is asking me to do small things (with great love, as Mother Teresa would say).  The things that don’t necessarily make me look good.  The things that I don’t even necessarily want to do.  Yep, I’m one of those people who would say kids are just not my thing.

But Jen challenged me Sunday.  Reminded me.  And she wants a card from everyone in the room. Have you turned yours in yet?

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