Castle Bluff Stories, part 1

Fellowship North has been taking trips to Castle Bluff for 26 years and counting. Every fall, we go, always returning with stories to tell. We thought it’d be fun to recall stories from camps past to get ready for this Castle Bluff season. Enjoy!
Shelly Jones says:

I remember my first trip to Castle Bluff, years and years ago. I showed up to the church parking lot wearing mu white windsuit (in style at the time) and rolling my nice luggage. The experienced Castle Bluffers just laughed when they saw me. That should have given me some sort of idea of what was to come.  I ended up driving my van to camp. At the time, it had pristine pink carpet. It just so happened that that weekend there was a downpour. Only a few buildings existed at the time, so our small groups met in our cars. I had a couple-inch layer of clay and mud in my van by the end of camp. Needless to say, my pink carpet and white windsuit were never the same.

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