Castle Bluff Stories, part 2

Fellowship North has been taking trips to Castle Bluff for 26 years and counting. Every fall, we go, always returning with stories to tell. We thought it’d be fun to recall stories from camps past to get ready for this Castle Bluff season. Enjoy!


Andrew Calaway says:

At D-Camp 2008, I was leading worship for 90-something middle schoolers. It had started to storm earlier in the day, but during Big Group we were singing “True Love” by Phil Wickham. The majority of the song is about how “we were freed and made alive, the day that true love died”, etc. But at the part when the song says “Jesus is alive!” it was like the bottom broke out, thunder and lightning and everything! I felt God really there, confirming the statement. It was such a powerful moment, I’ll never forget it.

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