Get to know: Shane Warbington

Shane Warbington is joining our staff as a worship leader, working along with Dena Nash and Russell Mason. We are so excited for him to be here. Shane is married to Wendy, and they have 3 kids: Mykala (21), Lauren (20), and Cade (7). Mykala and Lauren are both living in Kansas City as they attend IHOPU, but the rest of the family lives in Maumelle. Shane spends his days as a self-employed remodeler/handyman (“Technically, I work for my wife,” he says) but he has a long history of being involved with worship and music. He grew up with a pastor for a dad and a very musical family; along with his brother and sister he sang for his church family as early as the age of 3. At 8, he began to learn to play the drums, and has been involved for much of his life leading worship, either as a volunteer or on staff.

However, he wasn’t actively doing that (or looking for a job doing that) when he ran into Donna Hall late last year. Both consider that day something of a divine appointment. “I was working on a house and she was dropping her son off to rake leaves in the yard next door,” he says “and we realized we knew each other.” From there, the conversation turned to Fellowship North need for another leader and they agreed to have coffee. Over the course of this year, it’s become apparent that this is a good fit all the way around.

When asked what he’s looking forward to, Shane answered that he feels challenged by Jesus to “serve the people.” Much of his life has been spent on the journeying from the place of leading worship because it was a skill he had to the place of becoming a worshiper. And he’s certainly not there yet, he will tell you. “It’s easy to come in with an agenda, to say I want to do this or that as a worship leader. To feel the pressure to make these big moments happen on Sunday mornings. But I think the big moments happen all through the week, and on Sunday, we get to get together and share those moments with each other.”

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