Get to know: Melia Mason

Melia Mason has joined us as our new adult ministries coordinator, which means she helps people get connected here at Fellowship North. From new members to small groups to season-of-life specific ministries, she supports the people and processes that help move someone from ‘just visiting’ to becoming deeply rooted in the life of our church. This is no simple task; Fellowship North tries to provide many different ways for people to join into small groups and discipleship.

Melia knows what it’s like firsthand to come into FN brand new and to move through the process of getting connected. She, along with her husband Russell, and their kids, Josh (10), A.J. (7), and Jon Jon (3), began coming to Fellowship North almost 4 years ago when Russell became part of the worship leading team. At that point, they knew only a handful of people here. Over time they have continued to involve themselves more deeply in the church, and Melia is thrilled to be returning to work (she wanted to stay at home with her kids while they were little) by taking this position.

I asked her what she’s most excited about in her new job, and she said “being on the forefront of something I’ve had a lifelong passion about. Our mission statement, especially racial issues – just feeling like I can contribute in a positive way. This is an area where Russell and I have always said: ‘God, we are willing to be used in that way.'”

We are so excited to welcome Melia to our staff. Next time you see her, be sure to say hello! She’s definitely a ‘people person’ who would love to visit with you!

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