Did you see this sign on Sunday and wonder what was going on?

Just this last Sunday a local Spanish congregation, Iglesia Betel, began using part of our building for their services. The building that they have used for the last several years has recently become unavailable, and we were excited to be able to welcome them into our space. We even have a very personal connection: Inés McBryde’s father is the pastor of Iglesia Betel. She was there Sunday and had this to share afterward:

I was at Iglesia Betel’s church service today and it all went very well! You would’ve thought they’ve been meeting here for a while. Things went smoothly. People were able to find the place VERY well. They used powerpoint slides for worship and teaching, which they hadn’t been allowed to before in the previous facility, and they were so excited about this small detail. Their small group/Sunday school classrooms time went smooth as well. They celebrated the Lord’s supper & that was special for them in their first meeting.

Just wanted to also let you know I was allowed a few minutes to welcome everyone on behalf of Fellowship North & simply encouraged this church in this new season of life. I stayed the whole service just to be sure things went well and to answer questions that people had about how to take care of the place post-service. I wanted to communicate to you how thankful everyone was who came up to me after I spoke. It was so special to hear them all pray for the leadership of FN during the Lord’s supper and that God would guide our Kingdom efforts.

God is doing great things among them. There’s about 6 guys who are not believers who come every Sunday from Lonoke because they’re seeking Christ. They are being discipled by a man who was redeemed last year from drugs/alcohol & who loves the Lord and the lost. Today they also took up a love offering to help a brother whose mom died and they have to send her body to be buried in Guatemala.

I pray this partnership continues as we serve each other. Just wanted to say thanks again for all you’ve done this week. I think my dad is going to sleep well for the first time in 2wks. It’s been stressful for them to part from their previous facility where they’ve been for 14yrs & not knowing where they would end up. Of all the churches my dad knocked on their door these past 2wks asking for help, FN was the only who answered the call for help. I have no words to say thanks.


solely for His glory, Ines

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