Honduras update: days 5 & 6

From Taido –

Just a quick update.

Yesterday, we attended the church that was hosting the brigade Monday and Tuesday. We really appreciated getting to worship with the people we would be serving and serving with on the following two days. Afterwards, we went to the Valley of Angels for lunch and shopping. It was probably an hour away from the city and I think the best way to describe it is like a Honduran Eureka Springs.

Today, we had our third day of medical brigades. Everything was fantastic again. Lots of good things happening all over the place. The only down side is that three of our team members have gotten pretty sick… Erin, Kate, and Debbie. You might pray for them.

Ok, that’s it. We’ll be finishing out the week at the same church tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you all!
Taido Chino

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