Honduras – day 4

Howdy folks,

Just a quick update here. Everyone is fine and seems to be doing well. We
spent the day at the same site as yesterday. Most everyone had new
responsibilities for the day. One thing that was different from yesterday
was we were able to put in a concrete floor for a church member. It was
dirt at the beginning of the day. Crazy.

I didn’t have nearly as many pics today because I was busy in the
evangelism area. Over the past couple days, at least 50 people have prayed
to receive Christ. Also crazy.
The one pic I’m including is Bailey bringing the devotional word to the
team at 6 in the morning!!!

Tomorrow we won’t go to a brigade site, but we’ll attend church instead.
Interestingly, the church we attend tomorrow will be the same church that
the clinic will be at on Monday and Tuesday.

By the way, people around here are telling us that tomorrow is The Global
Day of Prayer for the Church and that most churches in Honduras will be
participating in it.

Ok. We’re having a great time. Hope all of you are well.

Taido Chino


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