Katrina and the kids

This summer at FN we supported several young people in mission work. Here’s a little bit about one of them!

Katrina Curruth graduated from Henderson State University in May, then spent the summer here at FN working as an intern. She ran the Good Eats program this summer, spending her days with kids from FN and the surrounding community. Every weekday, kids were fed breakfast and lunch, with a couple of hours of activities in between, and Katrina was there for it all.

Katrina recently told us about what it was like for her working here this summer:

What was your favorite part of working here this summer? Working with the kids and volunteers. I learned a lot from these kids – they’re really smart! And I’ve enjoyed getting more engaged with the people here, working with the volunteers.

What was a great day for you this summer? One day this kid really talked to me – opened up about his life, what he planned to do with it – which was sell drugs when he got older. I told him that it wasn’t a good idea. He listened to me, and he even kept coming back. He was receptive. That was a really good day.

What surprised you? We thought that if it rained no kids would come…but even when it rained, they showed up! 🙂

How were you challenged? I had to learn to lead adults – and even though I’ve always been someone that could tell somebody what to do, I’ve never really led people older than me.

What are your plans for the future? I’m going through a program called Downline in Little Rock; I’ll be around!

We certainly enjoyed having Katrina at FN this summer – thank you for being a part of that by supporting missions at Fellowship North!

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