money in your pocket – again!

[posted by Sarabeth Jones]

One more story in response to Craig’s challenge to add to these two:

My experience with the money assignment went a little different than I thought it would.  I went all week and saw no one I was supposed to give money to.

Then last week I was talking to someone who shared a struggle they were having.  The need was so great I knew I could not cover it.  I left them with a word of encouragement and a hug.  About 10 minutes later it came to me that I could do something and there was a blank check in my purse.  Yes, the amount – while not enough to make a big difference – was more than I ever carry in my pocket.  I don’t feel like it was me giving the money, God gave them the money; I just wrote the check.

This was totally different from any other experience I have had helping people in need.

Barbara Hallford

Sarabeth again:  so where are you with this?  Do you have a story to share? Are you still carrying the money in your pocket? Do you think the whole idea is crazy? Email us or leave a comment…

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