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Today was a great day! I got to see the fruits of months of work by a group of ladies. Their effort was for the foster children here at Fellowship North and across Pulaski County. Well over a thousand children come into foster care in our county alone every year. Stop, breathe that in, understand the enormity of that number; think about how are they taken care of.

They are taken care of the best way DCFS can. There are caring caseworkers with too many cases, foster homes with too many kids, and children left wondering “Will I go home tomorrow, next week, when?” There are countless people involved in every aspect of trying to help families keep children safe and healthy.

In all of that Christ is at work. The C.A.L.L. is trying to help recruit much needed foster, adoptive and respite parents. Beyond that, we’ve been telling friends and family that everyone can help in some way. The quote that comes to mind is “not all are called to foster or adopt but all are called to care” about the situation of these families who are in our backyards and in our schools and in our neighborhoods.

Today, my spirit was overwhelmed with joy as I watched quilt after quilt be brought into our church. And today, I watched a kid in foster care quietly take one that she thought had to be just for her. It was one of the crib size and someone tried hard to get her to take a bigger one, but to no avail. She was sure this one was for her and she was grateful to have something made just for her. For her to snuggle and feel safe with, for her to know it was made hoping she’d love holding it, and it gave her hope. In fact that is exactly what the material said on one side of it. HOPE, in big letters and little letters and in colors that spoke to her. Hope in a quilt made with love.

There is a band of women out there doing Kingdom work with the hearts of angels. They have made 53 quilts that are colorful and wonderfully, individually made as we are . Some were crib sized, others were twin and yet others for children to play on when on the floor. All were made with the love of these special ladies.

Possibly none of these women will ever provide a home for foster children but they have made a significant gift to the hearts of children. What a tribute to God that they are using their gifts and love for quilting to help others. That is what God has called us to do. At Fellowship North, this morning we discussed the book of James. And James 2:22 speaks to this: “you see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made was complete by what he did.” The faith of these ladies was shown clearly today in the eyes of all of us who were present to witness those quilts come into the room. Not all of these ladies are members of Fellowship North but all attend a church somewhere and I believe God has used them to help some of our most vulnerable persons in society– our children in care.

The group is called Piecemakers and is led by Jackie Gough. The Piecemakers include June Lacy, Jean Habig, Kathryn James, Jennifer Johansen, Carolyn Kariker, Jackie Gough, Pat Sherrill, Cheryl Stotts, Dee Kyzer, and Barbara Hallford. To join this group, contact Jackie Gough here.

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