Psalm 18 Outline

Craig taught us a LOT about psalms today, especially psalm 18.  If you didn’t have time to catch all the notes on the outline, here it is:

Outline of Psalm 18
I.    Introduction (vv.1-3)
II.    David the Fugitive Rescued from Saul
    A.    The Lament Proper (vv.4-6)
    B.    God at Work (vv.7-15)
    C.    The Result (vv.16-19)
III.    The Ways of God
    A.    Innocence Affirmed (vv.20-24)
    B.    General Principles (vv.25-27)
    C.    Personal Results (vv.28-29)
    D.    General Principles (vv.30-31)
IV.    David the King has Kingdom Established
    A.    Strength and Security (vv.32-36)
    B.    Victory over Enemies (vv.37-42)
    C.    The Breadth of Victory (vv.43-45)
V.    Conclusion (vv.46-50)

The audio of the message will be available here by Monday afternoon. 

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