Sunshine in Honduras

This summer at FN we supported several young people in mission work. Here’s a little bit about one of them!

Jalissa Willis is called Sunshine by her friends, and almost as soon as you meet her, you can see why. Besides the fact that she loves and often wears the color yellow, she has a bright, infectious smile, laughs easily, and seems to brighten up the room when she walks in. Sunshine is from Memphis, but is currently attending UALR and has been a part of FN while she’s been a student there.

Studying sign language with a minor in Spanish, she took advantage of the perfect opportunity to make use of both things this summer.  Sunshine spent this past June and July working in a deaf school in Honduras. Her summer sounds like it was an incredible learning experience:

…the Lord is teaching me a lot and giving me a wide perspective on how I live. He is challenging me to bring that love and open fellowship back here to the states in MY own life.

Luckily for us, Sunshine wrote about her time in Honduras on a special blog she created for her trip: International Sunshine. You can read all about her adventures adjusting to life in a foreign country there. We wanted to share a little of her story today so that together we could be excited about the work God is doing in her, and in Honduras, and through our commitment to missions at Fellowship North.

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